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Chronology of events

On the 19th of April 2007 nine accounts registered with poker school were blocked just as nine accounts opened in 2005. All players played Limit Texas Hold'em and used only allowed poker software. All players received authorization from PartyPoker to use these programs. Details of the accounts involved can be seen in the Blocked Players section.

As soon as accounts had been blocked we began to correspond and get in touch over the telephone with Party Poker. All victims were given vague and contradictory answers leading to the fact that they used bots while playing. PartyPoker officials asserted that any applied programs including Poker Tracker and Poker Ace Hud were prohibited. Link to Letters. The most of the negotiations were recorded. As a result of long controversy we did not receive any evidence of bot usage.

On the 24th of 2007 after Affiliate started to take measures on players protection, affiliate account was blocked relying on the fact that first deposits to accounts in question have been made by affiliate's money.

On the 28th of April haven't been paid any attention by Party Poker we wrote about our problem at famous poker forums.
New money theft from the account - 26885$
I won a Jackpot 26885$ three days ago. Account was closed. After documents verification and phone calls, account was opened today.
I started playing, but they closed my account account again and said that I deliberately used disconnect in Jackpot chart three days ago, and now my account is closed. I didn't know that it is possible, I really lost internet connection, and thay can see, that a didn't do any disconnects.
I won jackpot once in my life and they closed my account without any reason. Me an my family had a lot of gladness, but now I feel something I can't say in words.

Party Poker manager Michael O'Malley answered our questions at one of the forums. We are familiar by hearsay with his honesty and striving for protection of the players, but unfortunately he did not respond to our letters and private messages. Instead we received a letter from the chief of marketing department Hemant Ravishanker with a request not to make a fuss and promise to consider carefully our problem. Link to Letter

As well it became known that one of the biggest Party Poker partners in Russia - Zedmor had similar problems before and another Russian affiliate was blocked after enduring menaces from the direction of Party Poker.

On the 2nd of May Logan Nichols, a supervisor responsible for account blocking refused us to get in touch with his chief and asked to send him poker strategy applied in our school. Strategy is a product of intellectual property and without a guarantee that Logan Nichols will use it properly we reject to send it until we have talked with a chief of investigation department Andrew Hill. Negotiations with Andrew Hill have been scheduled for the 9th of May.

9th of May. Andrew Hill can't talk to us. Logan does not provide us with any information.

10th of May. Andrew Hill can't talk to us. Logan does not provide us with any information.

11th of May Andrew Hill answered our phone call confirming words of Logan and the fact that accounts will remain blocked, money will not be returned. When we asked to reconsider the affair taking into account our poker strategy - the answer was no. Our demand to produce evidence of bot usage was refused.

Since 12th of May players began to write letters in English with a request to confirm all the information given by phone. None of them has received an answer. Text of the letter.

Please note that all of our players are clients of Party Poker; they played on their site, kept their money there, paid commission to Party. After that Party Poker simply does not answer their letters - they are completely ignored.

23 of May. We call to Party asking to confirm whether our letters have been received. As an answer we do not receive distinct information but slighting retorts by Investigation Departmen assistant Bianca. Phone conversation record. Boorishness of Party Poker representative was straight and barefaced.

23 of May. Allocation of the letter and the information that Party does not state their position concerning our case during two weeks at forum.

24th of May. Players receive letters with incomplete answers to their questions. At last! After more than two weeks.

11-30th of May. During this time Marketing Department formally reviewed the case of affiliate account. On the 30th of May Hemant Ravishanker confirm that affiliate account will remain blocked and all money will be confiscated.

According to the information provided by Party Poker five parts participated in the process of account blocking:

- Department of Investigation for Players (representatives- Logan Nichols, chief - Andrew Hill); - Department of Investigation for Affiliates; - Juridical Department - Party Gaming Marketing Department chief - Hemant Ravishanker - Party Poker Affiliate manager Venthan Poolo.

With the connivance of the persons listed above Party Poker confiscated about 70000$ from players who have never used bots and affiliate that have a good reputation in the Russian poker world.

We would like to thank all those who help us in attempt to unblock our accounts. Thanks to community that countenanced our aspiration to protect our players from fraudulent action of Party Poker.

Unfortunately, Party Poker urge to steal partner's money working since 2004 and players entrusted their money to the site, tip the scales of common sense. During 3 year history of collaborating with Party Poker our players paid commission of more than 2,000,000$.

Now we unambiguously claim that playing on Party Poker and partnership with PartyGaming run risks of loosing money.

There is no method to protect one's business working with Party Poker. They can block all your funds at any time without giving a reason.

Our case is a good proof of that - you will be accused of bot usage and your money will be blocked. You will be told that they have inculpatory evidence, but you will never see it. We will take steps to ensure players from Russia and all over the world do not suffer from money stealing and gambling industry is not under a surge of anger of players whose deposits were stolen. We will recommend to Russian Federation of Poker to put Party Poker into black-list of unreliable organisations.

If someone wants to feel what we passed through or hopes that troubles will never come - go ahead, become one of the players who pay to this shady business - Party Poker.

For Partypoker employees. We are ready to continue dialogue. Our players should like to get their own money back, we should like to get their own commission. My email box is still active. The email address you have in your database, Dmitry Komov.